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StaR Child Health: improving global standards for child health research.Academic Article Why?
Pakistan and the Millennium Development Goals for Maternal and Child Health: progress and the way forward.Academic Article Why?
Intergenerational burden and risks of NCDs: need to promote maternal and child health.Academic Article Why?
Response to: "Beyond implementation research for improving maternal, newborn and child health globally".Academic Article Why?
The changing nature of children's health development: new challenges require major policy solutions.Academic Article Why?
Achieving maternal and child health gains in Afghanistan: a Countdown to 2015 country case study.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of children's health-related quality of life in the United States with a multidimensional index.Academic Article Why?
Bridging the equity gap in maternal and child health.Academic Article Why?
Caring for the Family Caregiver: Lessons Learned in Child Health.Academic Article Why?
Child health care in general practice: priorities for education and practice.Academic Article Why?
Children's health priorities and interventions.Academic Article Why?
Climate change and global child health: what can paediatricians do?Academic Article Why?
Coverage and inequalities in maternal and child health interventions in Afghanistan.Academic Article Why?
COVID-19 pandemic and mitigation strategies: implications for maternal and child health and nutrition.Academic Article Why?
Financial incentives and coverage of child health interventions: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
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