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Teaching clinical skills with patient resources.Academic Article Why?
"All the ward's a stage": a qualitative study of the experience of direct observation of handoffs.Academic Article Why?
"I can do better": exploring purposeful improvement in daily clinical work.Academic Article Why?
A clinical extern program evaluation: implications for nurse educators.Academic Article Why?
A comparison of hand- and foot-activated surgical tools in simulated ophthalmic surgery.Academic Article Why?
A Health Care-Academic Partnership: Developing Pediatric Nursing Education.Academic Article Why?
A novel pain interprofessional education strategy for trainees: assessing impact on interprofessional competencies and pediatric pain knowledge.Academic Article Why?
A prospective comparison of live and video-based assessments of colonoscopy performance.Academic Article Why?
A Reliable and Valid Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skill for the Application of a Pavlik Harness Based on International Expert Consensus.Academic Article Why?
A survey of physicians knowledge regarding awareness of maternal alcohol use and the diagnosis of FAS.Academic Article Why?
A tool to measure shared clinical understanding following handoffs to help evaluate handoff quality.Academic Article Why?
Accuracy of clinical assessment of heart murmurs by office based (general practice) paediatricians.Academic Article Why?
An analysis of undergraduate ophthalmology training in Canada.Academic Article Why?
An interprofessional consensus of core competencies for prelicensure education in pain management: curriculum application for nursing.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of motion in laparoscopy: the deconstruction of an intra-corporeal suturing task.Academic Article Why?
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