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Dynamic Tensions Following New Pedagogy in Undergraduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
A Little Hurts a Lot: Exploring the Impact of Microaggressions in Pediatric Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
A Novel Approach to Simulation-Based Perineal Repair in Undergraduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
Advancing faculty development in medical education: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
An update on master's degrees in medical education.Academic Article Why?
Competency-Based Medical Education: Developing a Framework for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.Academic Article Why?
Competency-based medical education: the wave of the future.Academic Article Why?
Evidence for curricular and instructional design approaches in undergraduate medical education: An umbrella review.Academic Article Why?
Medical education research: the importance of research design and a programmatic approach.Academic Article Why?
Negotiating learner-teacher boundaries in medical education.Academic Article Why?
Problem-based learning in continuing medical education: review of randomized controlled trials.Academic Article Why?
Publication of results of abstracts presented at medical education conferences.Academic Article Why?
Affordances of knowledge translation in medical education: a qualitative exploration of empirical knowledge use among medical educators.Academic Article Why?
Adapting medical education during crisis: Student-Faculty partnerships as an enabler of success.Academic Article Why?
Career decision making in undergraduate medical education.Academic Article Why?
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