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Setting health research priorities using the CHNRI method: VII. A review of the first 50 applications of the CHNRI method.Academic Article Why?
Developing a framework for the ethical design and conduct of pragmatic trials in healthcare: a mixed methods research protocol.Academic Article Why?
The value of value of information: best informing research design and prioritization using current methods.Academic Article Why?
Setting priorities in global child health research investments: guidelines for implementation of CHNRI method.Academic Article Why?
Value of information methods for planning and analyzing clinical studies optimize decision making and research planning.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of sample collection and storage methods for multicenter immunologic research in children.Academic Article Why?
Understanding the literature: Complexity of statistical methods used in high-impact cardiothoracic surgery research.Academic Article Why?
Strengthening the reporting of genetic association studies (STREGA): an extension of the STROBE statement.Academic Article Why?
Use of the limits of agreement approach in periodontology.Academic Article Why?
Ethical issues in surgical research.Academic Article Why?
Human Heredity and Health (H3) in Africa Kidney Disease Research Network: A Focus on Methods in Sub-Saharan Africa.Academic Article Why?
Nonpharmacologic Management of Pain During Common Needle Puncture Procedures in Infants: Current Research Evidence and Practical Considerations: An Update.Academic Article Why?
Treatment strategies for hydrocephalus related to Dandy-Walker syndrome: evaluating procedure selection and success within the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network.Academic Article Why?
Nonpharmacological management of pain during common needle puncture procedures in infants: current research evidence and practical considerations.Academic Article Why?
Temporal trends in surgical procedures for pediatric hydrocephalus: an analysis of the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network Core Data Project.Academic Article Why?
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