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This is a "connection" page, showing publications co-authored by David Malkin and Meredith Irwin.

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  1. Samuel N, Wilson G, Lemire M, Id Said B, Lou Y, Li W, Merino D, Novokmet A, Tran J, Nichols KE, Finlay JL, Choufani S, Remke M, Ramaswamy V, Cavalli FMG, Elser C, Meister L, Taylor MD, Tabori U, Irwin M, Weksberg R, Wasserman JD, Paterson AD, Hansford JR, Achatz MIW, Hudson TJ, Malkin D. Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis Reveals Epigenetic Dysregulation of MicroRNA-34A in TP53-Associated Cancer Susceptibility. J Clin Oncol. 2016 Oct 20; 34(30):3697-3704.
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    Score: 0.190
  2. Seong BK, Lau J, Adderley T, Kee L, Chaukos D, Pienkowska M, Malkin D, Thorner P, Irwin MS. SATB2 enhances migration and invasion in osteosarcoma by regulating genes involved in cytoskeletal organization. Oncogene. 2015 Jul; 34(27):3582-92.
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    Score: 0.165
  3. Morgenstern DA, Soh SY, Stavropoulos DJ, Bowdin S, Baruchel S, Malkin D, Meyn MS, Irwin MS. Metachronous neuroblastoma in an infant with germline translocation resulting in partial trisomy 2p: a role for ALK? J Pediatr Hematol Oncol. 2014 Apr; 36(3):e193-6.
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    Score: 0.159
  4. Goudie C, Cullinan N, Villani A, Mathews N, van Engelen K, Malkin D, Irwin MS, Foulkes WD. Retrospective evaluation of a decision-support algorithm (MIPOGG) for genetic referrals for children with neuroblastic tumors. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2018 12; 65(12):e27390.
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    Score: 0.054
  5. Campbell BB, Light N, Fabrizio D, Zatzman M, Fuligni F, de Borja R, Davidson S, Edwards M, Elvin JA, Hodel KP, Zahurancik WJ, Suo Z, Lipman T, Wimmer K, Kratz CP, Bowers DC, Laetsch TW, Dunn GP, Johanns TM, Grimmer MR, Smirnov IV, Larouche V, Samuel D, Bronsema A, Osborn M, Stearns D, Raman P, Cole KA, Storm PB, Yalon M, Opocher E, Mason G, Thomas GA, Sabel M, George B, Ziegler DS, Lindhorst S, Issai VM, Constantini S, Toledano H, Elhasid R, Farah R, Dvir R, Dirks P, Huang A, Galati MA, Chung J, Ramaswamy V, Irwin MS, Aronson M, Durno C, Taylor MD, Rechavi G, Maris JM, Bouffet E, Hawkins C, Costello JF, Meyn MS, Pursell ZF, Malkin D, Tabori U, Shlien A. Comprehensive Analysis of Hypermutation in Human Cancer. Cell. 2017 Nov 16; 171(5):1042-1056.e10.
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    Score: 0.051
  6. Stickle NH, Cheng LS, Watson IR, Alon N, Malkin D, Irwin MS, Ohh M. Expression of p53 in renal carcinoma cells is independent of pVHL. Mutat Res. 2005 Oct 15; 578(1-2):23-32.
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    Score: 0.022
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