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This is a "connection" page, showing publications co-authored by Anna Taddio and Bonnie Stevens.

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  1. Stevens BJ, Gibbins S, Yamada J, Dionne K, Lee G, Johnston C, Taddio A. The premature infant pain profile-revised (PIPP-R): initial validation and feasibility. Clin J Pain. 2014 Mar; 30(3):238-43.
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    Score: 0.634
  2. McNair C, Chinian N, Shah V, McAllister M, Franck LS, Stevens B, Burry L, Taddio A. Metasynthesis of Factors That Influence Parents' Participation in Pain Management for Their Infants in the NICU. J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs. 2020 May; 49(3):263-271.
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    Score: 0.242
  3. Stevens B, Yamada J, Campbell-Yeo M, Gibbins S, Harrison D, Dionne K, Taddio A, McNair C, Willan A, Ballantyne M, Widger K, Sidani S, Estabrooks C, Synnes A, Squires J, Victor C, Riahi S. The minimally effective dose of sucrose for procedural pain relief in neonates: a randomized controlled trial. BMC Pediatr. 2018 02 23; 18(1):85.
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    Score: 0.209
  4. Stevens B, Johnston C, Petryshen P, Taddio A. Premature Infant Pain Profile: development and initial validation. Clin J Pain. 1996 Mar; 12(1):13-22.
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    Score: 0.182
  5. Gibbins S, Stevens BJ, Yamada J, Dionne K, Campbell-Yeo M, Lee G, Caddell K, Johnston C, Taddio A. Validation of the Premature Infant Pain Profile-Revised (PIPP-R). Early Hum Dev. 2014 Apr; 90(4):189-93.
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    Score: 0.158
  6. Stevens BJ, Abbott LK, Yamada J, Harrison D, Stinson J, Taddio A, Barwick M, Latimer M, Scott SD, Rashotte J, Campbell F, Finley GA. Epidemiology and management of painful procedures in children in Canadian hospitals. CMAJ. 2011 Apr 19; 183(7):E403-10.
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    Score: 0.130
  7. Stevens B, Johnston C, Taddio A, Gibbins S, Yamada J. The premature infant pain profile: evaluation 13 years after development. Clin J Pain. 2010 Nov-Dec; 26(9):813-30.
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    Score: 0.126
  8. Taddio A, Shah V, Hancock R, Smith RW, Stephens D, Atenafu E, Beyene J, Koren G, Stevens B, Katz J. Effectiveness of sucrose analgesia in newborns undergoing painful medical procedures. CMAJ. 2008 Jul 01; 179(1):37-43.
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    Score: 0.107
  9. Stevens B, Johnston C, Taddio A, Jack A, Narciso J, Stremler R, Koren G, Aranda J. Management of pain from heel lance with lidocaine-prilocaine (EMLA) cream: is it safe and efficacious in preterm infants? J Dev Behav Pediatr. 1999 Aug; 20(4):216-21.
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    Score: 0.058
  10. Taddio A, Ohlsson A, Einarson TR, Stevens B, Koren G. A systematic review of lidocaine-prilocaine cream (EMLA) in the treatment of acute pain in neonates. Pediatrics. 1998 Feb; 101(2):E1.
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    Score: 0.052
  11. Stevens B, Taddio A, Ohlsson A, Einarson T. The efficacy of sucrose for relieving procedural pain in neonates--a systematic review and meta-analysis. Acta Paediatr. 1997 Aug; 86(8):837-42.
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    Score: 0.050
  12. Taddio A, Stevens B, Craig K, Rastogi P, Ben-David S, Shennan A, Mulligan P, Koren G. Efficacy and safety of lidocaine-prilocaine cream for pain during circumcision. N Engl J Med. 1997 Apr 24; 336(17):1197-201.
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    Score: 0.049
  13. Taddio A, Shennan AT, Stevens B, Leeder JS, Koren G. Safety of lidocaine-prilocaine cream in the treatment of preterm neonates. J Pediatr. 1995 Dec; 127(6):1002-5.
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    Score: 0.045
  14. Taddio A, Nulman I, Koren BS, Stevens B, Koren G. A revised measure of acute pain in infants. J Pain Symptom Manage. 1995 Aug; 10(6):456-63.
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    Score: 0.044
  15. Taddio A, Goldbach M, Ipp M, Stevens B, Koren G. Effect of neonatal circumcision on pain responses during vaccination in boys. Lancet. 1995 Feb 04; 345(8945):291-2.
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    Score: 0.042
  16. Berde CB, Walco GA, Krane EJ, Anand KJ, Aranda JV, Craig KD, Dampier CD, Finkel JC, Grabois M, Johnston C, Lantos J, Lebel A, Maxwell LG, McGrath P, Oberlander TF, Schanberg LE, Stevens B, Taddio A, von Baeyer CL, Yaster M, Zempsky WT. Pediatric analgesic clinical trial designs, measures, and extrapolation: report of an FDA scientific workshop. Pediatrics. 2012 Feb; 129(2):354-64.
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    Score: 0.034
  17. Yamada J, Stevens B, de Silva N, Gibbins S, Beyene J, Taddio A, Newman C, Koren G. Hair cortisol as a potential biologic marker of chronic stress in hospitalized neonates. Neonatology. 2007; 92(1):42-9.
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    Score: 0.024
  18. Ipp M, Taddio A, Goldbach M, Ben David S, Stevens B, Koren G. Effects of age, gender and holding on pain response during infant immunization. Can J Clin Pharmacol. 2004; 11(1):e2-7.
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    Score: 0.020
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