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Rutka, JamesPerson Why?
Koyle, MartinPerson Why?
Butcher, NancyPerson Why?
A qualitative description of the development and evaluation of our voice, a health promotion magazine created by pediatric patients for hospitalized pediatric patients.Academic Article Why?
[Battle against reviewers, yet know thyself].Academic Article Why?
[Preface: benefit of early surgcial intervention for children with epilepsy].Academic Article Why?
Access to journals through peer reviewers.Academic Article Why?
AnnalsATS: New Developments and Advice for Authors.Academic Article Why?
Authorship proliferation in the orthopaedic literature.Academic Article Why?
Cellular microbiology editorial letter.Academic Article Why?
Child vs adult randomized controlled trials in specialist journals: a citation analysis of trends, 1985-2005.Academic Article Why?
Differences in the volume of pharmaceutical advertisements between print general medical journals.Academic Article Why?
Disclosure: only a first step.Academic Article Why?
DMM Prize 2018 winner: Wenqing Zhou.Academic Article Why?
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