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Affinity-based release of glial-derived neurotrophic factor from fibrin matrices enhances sciatic nerve regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Ultrasound-guided distal popliteal sciatic nerve block for ED anesthesia.Academic Article Why?
Sciatic NerveConcept Why?
Enhanced rate of nerve regeneration and directional errors after sciatic nerve injury in receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase sigma knock-out mice.Academic Article Why?
Arginase-1 deficiency in neural cells does not contribute to neurodevelopment or functional outcomes after sciatic nerve injury.Academic Article Why?
Accelerated axon outgrowth, guidance, and target reinnervation across nerve transection gaps following a brief electrical stimulation paradigm.Academic Article Why?
Characterization of neuronal death and functional deficits following nerve injury during the early postnatal developmental period in rats.Academic Article Why?
Effects of hydroxyethyl-starch-bound deferoxamine on ischemia/reperfusion injury in chronic nerve compression.Academic Article Why?
Electrical stimulation of intact peripheral sensory axons in rats promotes outgrowth of their central projections.Academic Article Why?
Electrical stimulation promotes motoneuron regeneration without increasing its speed or conditioning the neuron.Academic Article Why?
Fibrin matrices with affinity-based delivery systems and neurotrophic factors promote functional nerve regeneration.Academic Article Why?
Functional motor recovery is improved due to local placement of GDNF microspheres after delayed nerve repair.Academic Article Why?
Mechanical properties of acellular peripheral nerve.Academic Article Why?
Peripheral nerve injury and TRPV1-expressing primary afferent C-fibers cause opening of the blood-brain barrier.Academic Article Why?
Role of chronic Schwann cell denervation in poor functional recovery after nerve injuries and experimental strategies to combat it.Academic Article Why?
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