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Cross-regulation between an alternative splicing activator and a transcription repressor controls neurogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Global profiling and molecular characterization of alternative splicing events misregulated in lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
MBNL proteins repress ES-cell-specific alternative splicing and reprogramming.Academic Article Why?
Neuregulin 1-alpha regulates phosphorylation, acetylation, and alternative splicing in lymphoblastoid cells.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of vertebrate nervous system alternative splicing and development by an SR-related protein.Academic Article Why?
Subgroup-specific alternative splicing in medulloblastoma.Academic Article Why?
The contribution of alternative splicing to genetic risk for psychiatric disorders.Academic Article Why?
The evolutionary landscape of alternative splicing in vertebrate species.Academic Article Why?
Tissue-specific alternative RNA splicing of rat vesicle-associated membrane protein-1 (VAMP-1).Academic Article Why?
An alternative splicing switch regulates embryonic stem cell pluripotency and reprogramming.Academic Article Why?
McGlade, Catherine JanePerson Why?
Reduced mobility of the alternate splicing factor (ASF) through the nucleoplasm and steady state speckle compartments.Academic Article Why?
Alternative SplicingConcept Why?
Alternative splicing of the Numb tumor suppressor in medulloblastomaGrant Why?
Approaches to targetting of alternative splicing in pediatric brain tumoursGrant Why?
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