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Combined Atomic Force Microscope and Volumetric Light Sheet System for Correlative Force and Fluorescence Mechanobiology Studies.Academic Article Why?
Diffusion Barriers, Mechanical Forces, and the Biophysics of Phagocytosis.Academic Article Why?
BiophysicsConcept Why?
Magnetization transfer in MR imaging. Relaxometry and Biophysics Committee.Academic Article Why?
Julien, Jean-PhilippePerson Why?
Whence Blobs? Phylogenetics of functional protein condensates.Academic Article Why?
Forman-Kay, JuliePerson Why?
Boulianne, GabriellePerson Why?
Kafri, RanPerson Why?
Merovitch, NeilPerson Why?
Weksberg, RosannaPerson Why?
In vitro assessment of infant pulmonary function equipment.Academic Article Why?
Injury potential of a three-year-old Hybrid III dummy in forward and rearward facing positions under CMVSS 208 testing conditions.Academic Article Why?
Radiofrequency perforation in the treatment of congenital heart disease.Academic Article Why?
The simplified version of Boyle's Law leads to errors in the measurement of thoracic gas volume.Academic Article Why?
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