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Is long-term bladder deterioration inevitable following successful isolated bladder outlet procedures in children with neuropathic bladder dysfunction?Academic Article Why?
Lorenzo, ArmandoPerson Why?
Koyle, MartinPerson Why?
22 week assessment of bladder acellular matrix as a bladder augmentation material in a porcine model.Academic Article Why?
Bladder Training Video versus Standard Urotherapy for Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction: A Noninferiority Randomized, Controlled Trial.Academic Article Why?
Demucosalized augmentation gastrocystoplasty with bladder autoaugmentation in pediatric patients.Academic Article Why?
Has vesicostomy a role in the neuropathic bladder?Academic Article Why?
Rapamycin attenuates bladder hypertrophy during long-term outlet obstruction in vivo: tissue, matrix and mechanistic insights.Academic Article Why?
Tissue engineering of the bladder--when will we get there?Academic Article Why?
Does mechanical stimulation have any role in urinary bladder tissue engineering?Academic Article Why?
Feasibility study of a novel urinary bladder bioreactor.Academic Article Why?
Pearls and Pitfalls in Diagnosing Pediatric Urinary Bladder Masses.Academic Article Why?
The bladder extracellular matrix. Part I: architecture, development and disease.Academic Article Why?
Severe bladder trabeculation obviates the need for bladder outlet procedures during augmentation cystoplasty in incontinent patients with neurogenic bladder.Academic Article Why?
Aitken, KarenPerson Why?
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