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Breastfeeding promotion interventions and breastfeeding practices: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Effect of breastfeeding promotion interventions on breastfeeding rates, with special focus on developing countries.Academic Article Why?
Exclusive breastfeeding in hospital predicts longer breastfeeding duration in Canada: Implications for health equity.Academic Article Why?
Ito, ShinyaPerson Why?
Wong, PeterPerson Why?
Bhutta, ZulfiqarPerson Why?
Breast-feeding and maternal drug use.Academic Article Why?
Drug therapy for breast-feeding women.Academic Article Why?
Anticonvulsants and breast feeding: a critical review.Academic Article Why?
Breast-feeding during maternal use of azathioprine.Academic Article Why?
Breast-feeding in baby with loose teeth.Academic Article Why?
Frequency of infant adverse events that are associated with citalopram use during breast-feeding.Academic Article Why?
Initiation and duration of breast-feeding in women receiving antiepileptics.Academic Article Why?
The rediscovery of breast feeding.Academic Article Why?
Total Breast-Feeding Duration and Dental Caries in Healthy Urban Children.Academic Article Why?
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