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Bhutta, ZulfiqarPerson Why?
StaR Child Health: improving global standards for child health research.Academic Article Why?
Pakistan and the Millennium Development Goals for Maternal and Child Health: progress and the way forward.Academic Article Why?
Cohen, EyalPerson Why?
Birken, CatherinePerson Why?
Intergenerational burden and risks of NCDs: need to promote maternal and child health.Academic Article Why?
Response to: "Beyond implementation research for improving maternal, newborn and child health globally".Academic Article Why?
The changing nature of children's health development: new challenges require major policy solutions.Academic Article Why?
Achieving maternal and child health gains in Afghanistan: a Countdown to 2015 country case study.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of children's health-related quality of life in the United States with a multidimensional index.Academic Article Why?
Bridging the equity gap in maternal and child health.Academic Article Why?
Caring for the Family Caregiver: Lessons Learned in Child Health.Academic Article Why?
Children's health priorities and interventions.Academic Article Why?
Coverage and inequalities in maternal and child health interventions in Afghanistan.Academic Article Why?
Financial incentives and coverage of child health interventions: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
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