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Stinson, JenniferPerson Why?
An institutional ethnography of chronic pain management in family medicine (COPE) study protocol.Academic Article Why?
Associations between serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms and heat pain perception in adults with chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
Chronic pain in survivors of childhood cancer: a developmental model of pain across the cancer trajectory.Academic Article Why?
Clinical impact and evidence base for physiotherapy in treating childhood chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
Dysregulated Src upregulation of NMDA receptor activity: a common link in chronic pain and schizophrenia.Academic Article Why?
Genetically determined P2X7 receptor pore formation regulates variability in chronic pain sensitivity.Academic Article Why?
iPeer2Peer program: a pilot feasibility study in adolescents with chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
Living with difference: exploring the social self of adolescents with chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
P2X4 purinoceptor signaling in chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
Social information processing in adolescents with chronic pain: my friends don't really understand me.Academic Article Why?
VIP cortical conductors set the tone for chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
Salter, MichaelPerson Why?
A Mindfulness Program Adapted for Adolescents With Chronic Pain: Feasibility, Acceptability, and Initial Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
A systematic review of the effect of waiting for treatment for chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
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