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Walsh, CatharinePerson Why?
Teaching clinical skills with patient resources.Academic Article Why?
Azzie, GeorgesPerson Why?
The role of previously undocumented data in the assessment of medical trainees in clinical competency committees.Academic Article Why?
Clinical CompetenceConcept Why?
Can Pediatric Endoscopists Accurately Assess Their Clinical Competency? A Comparison Across Skill Levels.Academic Article Why?
Heart Rhythm Society/Pediatric and Congenital Electrophysiology Society Clinical Competency Statement: training pathways for implantation of cardioverter-defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization therapy devices in pediatric and congenital heart patients.Academic Article Why?
Drake, JamesPerson Why?
Bismilla, ZiaPerson Why?
Lam, Wai-ChingPerson Why?
Fleming-Carroll, BonniePerson Why?
Gerstle, JustinPerson Why?
Ratnapalan, SavithiriPerson Why?
Gilfoyle, ElainePerson Why?
"All the ward's a stage": a qualitative study of the experience of direct observation of handoffs.Academic Article Why?
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