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Effect of autoimmune diseases on cognitive function.Academic Article Why?
Frailty and Cognitive Function in Incident Hemodialysis Patients.Academic Article Why?
Mabbott, DonaldPerson Why?
Cognitive function and brain structure in females with a history of adolescent-onset anorexia nervosa.Academic Article Why?
The effects of chemotherapy on cognitive function in a mouse model: a prospective study.Academic Article Why?
The role of thyroid hormones for brain development and cognitive function.Academic Article Why?
Unique and shared areas of cognitive function in children with intractable frontal or temporal lobe epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
White matter integrity and core cognitive function in children diagnosed with sickle cell disease.Academic Article Why?
The relationship between interpersonal problems, negative cognitions, and outcomes from cognitive behavioral group therapy for depression.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Diagnosis and Therapy on Cognitive Function in Urea Cycle Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Sept5 deficiency exerts pleiotropic influence on affective behaviors and cognitive functions in mice.Academic Article Why?
Parent Pain Cognitions and Treatment Adherence in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.Academic Article Why?
Rovet, JoannePerson Why?
Asperger's syndrome and autism: differences in behavior, cognition, and adaptive functioning.Academic Article Why?
Changes in White Matter Microstructure Impact Cognition by Disrupting the Ability of Neural Assemblies to Synchronize.Academic Article Why?
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