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Polymer GARD: computer simulation of covalent bond formation in reproducing molecular assemblies.Academic Article Why?
Prescott, StevePerson Why?
Azzie, GeorgesPerson Why?
Physiologic mechanisms can predict hematologic responses to iron supplements in growing children: a computer simulation model.Academic Article Why?
Spatial buffering mechanism: mathematical model and computer simulations.Academic Article Why?
Computer SimulationConcept Why?
A comparison of hand- and foot-activated surgical tools in simulated ophthalmic surgery.Academic Article Why?
Accounting for treatment by center interaction in sample size determinations and the use of surrogate outcomes in the pessary for the prevention of preterm birth trial: a simulation study.Academic Article Why?
Addressing hospital-wide patient safety initiatives with high-fidelity simulation.Academic Article Why?
An experimentally calibrated finite element study of maxillary trauma.Academic Article Why?
An in silico framework to analyze the anisotropic shear wave mechanics in cardiac shear wave elastography.Academic Article Why?
An investigation of minimisation criteria.Academic Article Why?
Bias-corrected estimator for intraclass correlation coefficient in the balanced one-way random effects model.Academic Article Why?
Cell++--simulating biochemical pathways.Academic Article Why?
Confidence intervals for candidate gene effects and environmental factors in population-based association studies of families.Academic Article Why?
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