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Scherer, StephenPerson Why?
Marshall, ChristianPerson Why?
Excessive genomic DNA copy number variation in the Li-Fraumeni cancer predisposition syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Germ-line DNA copy number variation frequencies in a large North American population.Academic Article Why?
DNA Copy Number VariationsConcept Why?
Vorstman, JacobPerson Why?
Yuen, Ka ChunPerson Why?
A Comprehensive Workflow for Read Depth-Based Identification of Copy-Number Variation from Whole-Genome Sequence Data.Academic Article Why?
A copy number variation map of the human genome.Academic Article Why?
A discovery resource of rare copy number variations in individuals with autism spectrum disorder.Academic Article Why?
A high-resolution copy-number variation resource for clinical and population genetics.Academic Article Why?
A neurogenetic model for the study of schizophrenia spectrum disorders: the International 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Brain Behavior Consortium.Academic Article Why?
Adult ovarian retinoblastoma genomic profile distinct from prior childhood eye tumor.Academic Article Why?
Association of a germline copy number polymorphism of APOBEC3A and APOBEC3B with burden of putative APOBEC-dependent mutations in breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Association study of copy number variants with brain volume in schizophrenia patients and healthy controls.Academic Article Why?
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