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Breen-Reid, KarenPerson Why?
Ethics teaching and learning in pediatric training: development of a curriculum.Academic Article Why?
Walsh, CatharinePerson Why?
Initial successes and challenges in the development of a pediatric resident research curriculum.Academic Article Why?
The Development of a Critical Care Resident Research Curriculum: A Needs Assessment.Academic Article Why?
Integrating a Career Planning and Development Program into the Baccalaureate Nursing Curriculum: Part I. Impact on Students' Career Resilience.Academic Article Why?
Simulation-based assessment of anesthesiology residents' competence: development and implementation of the Canadian National Anesthesiology Simulation Curriculum (CanNASC).Academic Article Why?
The development and implementation of an inter-professional simulation based pediatric acute care curriculum for ward health care providers.Academic Article Why?
Development and assessment of a simulation-based curriculum in pediatric surgical education: Conventional wisdom and lessons learned from the national training program in France.Academic Article Why?
Designing a contextually appropriate surgical training program in low-resource settings: the Botswana experience.Academic Article Why?
Rosenblum, NormanPerson Why?
Fleming-Carroll, BonniePerson Why?
Faculty Development for Continuing Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice.Academic Article Why?
Azzie, GeorgesPerson Why?
Training highly qualified health research personnel: the pain in Child Health consortium.Academic Article Why?
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