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Initial hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia persist during chronic peritoneal dialysis in children.Academic Article Why?
Clearance of inorganic sulfate by peritoneal dialysis in children with chronic renal failure.Academic Article Why?
Clearance of osteocalcin by peritoneal dialysis in children with end-stage renal disease.Academic Article Why?
Effects of amino acid dialysis compared to dextrose dialysis in children on continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Impact of fill volume on ultrafiltration with icodextrin in children on chronic peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in children on peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Peritoneal Dialysis Access Revision in Children: Causes, Interventions, and Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Procalcitonin fails to differentiate inflammatory status or predict long-term outcomes in peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis.Academic Article Why?
Sleep-Disordered Breathing in 2 Pediatric Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Recurrent chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis-associated infection due to rothia dentocariosa.Academic Article Why?
Peritoneal DialysisConcept Why?
Peritoneal Dialysis, Continuous AmbulatoryConcept Why?
Can the DOQI guidelines be met by peritoneal dialysis alone in pediatric patients? Dialysis Outcomes Quality Initiative.Academic Article Why?
Effects of 3-month amino acid dialysis compared to dextrose dialysis in children on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
Renal replacement therapy after repair of congenital heart disease in children. A comparison of hemofiltration and peritoneal dialysis.Academic Article Why?
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