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EEG phase synchronization during semantic unification relates to individual differences in children's vocabulary skill.Academic Article Why?
Electroencephalography Phase SynchronizationConcept Why?
Activity-dependent myelination: A glial mechanism of oscillatory self-organization in large-scale brain networks.Academic Article Why?
Cortez, MiguelPerson Why?
Dynamic modulation of epileptic high frequency oscillations by the phase of slower cortical rhythms.Academic Article Why?
moviEEG: An animation toolbox for visualization of intracranial electroencephalography synchronization dynamics.Academic Article Why?
Phase synchronization in electroencephalographic recordings prognosticates outcome in paediatric coma.Academic Article Why?
Phase-amplitude coupling within the anterior thalamic nuclei during seizures.Academic Article Why?
Wong, SimeonPerson Why?
Hutchison, James SaundersPerson Why?
Reduced beta band connectivity during number estimation in autism.Academic Article Why?
Pang, ElizabethPerson Why?
Ochi, AyakoPerson Why?
Otsubo, HiroshiPerson Why?
Rutka, JamesPerson Why?
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