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Learning curves in health professions education.Academic Article Why?
A primer on the statistical modelling of learning curves in health professions education.Academic Article Why?
How can systems engineering inform the methods of programme evaluation in health professions education?Academic Article Why?
Re-positioning faculty development as knowledge mobilization for health professions education.Academic Article Why?
Walsh, CatharinePerson Why?
Electronic continuing education in the health professions: an update on evidence from RCTs.Academic Article Why?
Leslie, KarenPerson Why?
Training disrupted: Practical tips for supporting competency-based medical education during the COVID-19 pandemic.Academic Article Why?
What attracts students to interprofessional education and other health care reform initiatives?Academic Article Why?
Why mentorship matters: students, staff and sustainability in interprofessional education.Academic Article Why?
Role of Scientific Theory in Simulation Education Research.Academic Article Why?
Boutis, KathyPerson Why?
Bagli, DariusPerson Why?
Rosenfield, DanielPerson Why?
Ratnapalan, SavithiriPerson Why?
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