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High-Throughput Screening AssaysConcept Why?
High-throughput measurement of gap junctional intercellular communication.Academic Article Why?
Histopathology reveals correlative and unique phenotypes in a high-throughput mouse phenotyping screen.Academic Article Why?
McGlade, CatherinePerson Why?
Resorufin butyrate as a soluble and monomeric high-throughput substrate for a triglyceride lipase.Academic Article Why?
Bear, ChristinePerson Why?
Melnyk, RomanPerson Why?
A functional in vitro assay for screening inhibitors of STAT5B phosphorylation.Academic Article Why?
A high-throughput continuous assay for screening and characterization of inhibitors of HIV reverse-transcriptase DNA polymerase activity.Academic Article Why?
Facilitating Structure-Function Studies of CFTR Modulator Sites with Efficiencies in Mutagenesis and Functional Screening.Academic Article Why?
Identification and validation of hits from high throughput screens for CFTR modulators.Academic Article Why?
McKerlie, ColinPerson Why?
An activity-based probe for high-throughput measurements of triacylglycerol lipases.Academic Article Why?
Comparative Genomics and Evolutionary Modularity of Prokaryotes.Academic Article Why?
High-Throughput Screening Identifies Genes Required for Candida albicans Induction of Macrophage Pyroptosis.Academic Article Why?
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