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Frankland, PaulPerson Why?
Long-term memory underlying hippocampus-dependent social recognition in mice.Academic Article Why?
Children's family income is associated with cognitive function and volume of anterior not posterior hippocampus.Academic Article Why?
ErbB4 is a suppressor of long-term potentiation in the adult hippocampus.Academic Article Why?
Re-engineering the Hippocampus.Academic Article Why?
The dorsal hippocampus is essential for context discrimination but not for contextual conditioning.Academic Article Why?
Automatic segmentation of the hippocampus for preterm neonates from early-in-life to term-equivalent age.Academic Article Why?
Development of Adult-Generated Cell Connectivity with Excitatory and Inhibitory Cell Populations in the Hippocampus.Academic Article Why?
Effects of maternal hypothyroidism on offspring hippocampus and memory.Academic Article Why?
Multi-atlas segmentation of the whole hippocampus and subfields using multiple automatically generated templates.Academic Article Why?
Systemic and local administration of estradiol into the prefrontal cortex or hippocampus differentially alters working memory.Academic Article Why?
The hippocampus and episodic memory in children.Academic Article Why?
The precision of remote context memories does not require the hippocampus.Academic Article Why?
Josselyn, SheenaPerson Why?
CAKbeta/Pyk2 kinase is a signaling link for induction of long-term potentiation in CA1 hippocampus.Academic Article Why?
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