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Parkin, PatriciaPerson Why?
Hospital variation in survival after pediatric in-hospital cardiac arrest.Academic Article Why?
Hospital-legal partnership at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children: the first Canadian experience.Academic Article Why?
Guttmann, AstridPerson Why?
Scolnik, DennisPerson Why?
The need for true informed consent in pediatric teaching hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of a staff-only hospitalist system in a tertiary care, academic children's hospital.Academic Article Why?
Association of hospital spending intensity with mortality and readmission rates in Ontario hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Etiology of acute childhood encephalitis at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, 1994-1995.Academic Article Why?
Ratnapalan, SavithiriPerson Why?
Parshuram, ChristopherPerson Why?
Boutis, KathyPerson Why?
Adverse events among children in Canadian hospitals: the Canadian Paediatric Adverse Events Study.Academic Article Why?
Schuh, SuzannePerson Why?
Bulk compounding in Canadian hospitals--a survey.Academic Article Why?
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