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The influence of organizational context on the use of research by nurses in Canadian pediatric hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Bourdieu at the bedside: briefing parents in a pediatric hospital.Academic Article Why?
Improved outcomes of outborn preterm infants if admitted to perinatal centers versus freestanding pediatric hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Magnetic foreign body injuries: a large pediatric hospital experience.Academic Article Why?
Pandemic management in a pediatric hospital.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric hospital medicine and children with medical complexity: past, present, and future.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence and clinical significance of medication discrepancies at pediatric hospital admission.Academic Article Why?
The value of the metabolic autopsy in the pediatric hospital setting.Academic Article Why?
Variation in the Diagnosis and Management of Appendicitis at Canadian Pediatric Hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Wearing masks in a pediatric hospital: developing practical guidelines.Academic Article Why?
Abnormal helper:suppressor T-cell ratio in the staff of a pediatric hospital.Academic Article Why?
Belladonna Alkaloid Intoxication: The 10-Year Experience of a Large Tertiary Care Pediatric Hospital.Academic Article Why?
Changing trends in the treatment of asthma in a tertiary Canadian pediatric hospital.Academic Article Why?
Incidence of traumatic lumbar puncture: experience of a large, tertiary care pediatric hospital.Academic Article Why?
Survey of tuberculin skin test positivity among Israeli pediatric hospital workers.Academic Article Why?
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