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Hypsarrhythmia in epileptic spasms: Synchrony in chaos.Academic Article Why?
Cortez, MiguelPerson Why?
Westall, CarolPerson Why?
Spasms, InfantileConcept Why?
EEG before and after total corpus callosotomy for pharmacoresistant infantile spasms: Fast oscillations and slow-wave connectivity in hypsarrhythmia.Academic Article Why?
Go, CristinaPerson Why?
Otsubo, HiroshiPerson Why?
A randomized controlled trial of flunarizine as add-on therapy and effect on cognitive outcome in children with infantile spasms.Academic Article Why?
A Recurrent De Novo Variant in NACC1 Causes a Syndrome Characterized by Infantile Epilepsy, Cataracts, and Profound Developmental Delay.Academic Article Why?
Abnormal axial diffusivity in the deep gray nuclei and dorsal brain stem in infantile spasm treated with vigabatrin.Academic Article Why?
Adrenocorticotropic hormone versus prednisolone in the treatment of infantile spasms post vigabatrin failure.Academic Article Why?
Asymmetric neonatal spasms as an early sign of brain malformation potentially caused by regular light alcohol consumption during the first 22 weeks of pregnancy, a clinical case report.Academic Article Why?
Author Response.Academic Article Why?
Changes in the ERG d-wave with vigabatrin treatment in a pediatric cohort.Academic Article Why?
Contrast sensitivity is reduced in children with infantile spasms.Academic Article Why?
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