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Medical InformaticsConcept Why?
Medical Informatics ApplicationsConcept Why?
Medical Informatics ComputingConcept Why?
Application of biomedical informatics to chronic pediatric diseases: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
A patient-centric, Internet-based application for the data management of a multi-centre respiratory syncytial virus prophylaxis program.Academic Article Why?
Bringing psychosocial support to headache sufferers using information and communication technology: lessons learned from asking potential users what they want.Academic Article Why?
Diagnostic instability of DSM-IV ADHD subtypes: effects of informant source, instrumentation, and methods for combining symptom reports.Academic Article Why?
Information on the World Wide Web--how useful is it for parents?Academic Article Why?
Low-income countries' orthopaedic information needs: challenges and opportunities.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric surgery on the Internet: is the truth out there?Academic Article Why?
Quality of health information on the Internet in pediatric neuro-oncology.Academic Article Why?
Ramdeo, AlyssaPerson Why?
The case for an international patient-reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS®) initiative.Academic Article Why?
The Ptolemy project: a scalable model for delivering health information in Africa.Academic Article Why?
Howard, AndrewPerson Why?
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