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Association of multinodular goiter, cystic renal disease, and digital anomalies.Academic Article Why?
Kidney Diseases, CysticConcept Why?
Child with multilocular cyst of the kidney cured by partial nephrectomy.Academic Article Why?
Maternal floor infarction associated with oligohydramnios and cystic renal dysplasia: report of 2 cases.Academic Article Why?
MKS1 regulates ciliary INPP5E levels in Joubert syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Noone, DamienPerson Why?
Risk assessment of incidentally detected complex renal cysts in children: potential role for a modification of the Bosniak classification.Academic Article Why?
Severe aortic stenosis, bicuspid aortic valve and atrial septal defect in a child with Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorders (JSRD) - a case report and review of congenital heart defects reported in the human ciliopathies.Academic Article Why?
Bowdin, SarahPerson Why?
Combination of cor triatriatum sinistrum and hypoplastic left heart syndrome in Meckel-Gruber syndrome: a case report.Academic Article Why?
Zani, AugustoPerson Why?
Grosse-Wortmann, LarsPerson Why?
Lorenzo, ArmandoPerson Why?
Daneman, AlanPerson Why?
Daneman, DenisPerson Why?
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