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Values and leadership. Global leadership is in disarray.Academic Article Why?
Conflicting messages: examining the dynamics of leadership on interprofessional teams.Academic Article Why?
Implementing leadership rounds to improve patient safety.Academic Article Why?
Student leadership in interprofessional education: benefits, challenges and implications for educators, researchers and policymakers.Academic Article Why?
LeadershipConcept Why?
Rosa, EmaPerson Why?
Fleming-Carroll, BonniePerson Why?
A description of the "event manager" role in resuscitations: A qualitative study of interviews and focus groups of resuscitation participants.Academic Article Why?
A qualitative study of interphysician telephone consultations: extending the opinion leader theory.Academic Article Why?
Boulianne, GabriellePerson Why?
Close to the tipping point.Academic Article Why?
Organizational contextual features that influence the implementation of evidence-based practices across healthcare settings: a systematic integrative review.Academic Article Why?
Salter, MichaelPerson Why?
Wilson, ElisaPerson Why?
Stevens, BonniePerson Why?
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