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Otsubo, HiroshiPerson Why?
Pang, ElizabethPerson Why?
Rutka, JamesPerson Why?
Cheyne, DouglasPerson Why?
Clinical neurophysiology of cortical malformations: magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography.Academic Article Why?
Challenges of recording human fetal auditory-evoked response using magnetoencephalography.Academic Article Why?
Intraoperative confirmation of hand motor area identified preoperatively by magnetoencephalography.Academic Article Why?
Magnetoencephalography and diffusion tensor imaging in gelastic seizures secondary to a cingulate gyrus lesion.Academic Article Why?
Occipital lobe lesions result in a displacement of magnetoencephalography visual evoked field dipoles.Academic Article Why?
Repeat magnetoencephalography and surgeries to eliminate atonic seizures of non-lesional frontal lobe epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
The role of magnetoencephalography in children undergoing hemispherectomy.Academic Article Why?
The role of magnetoencephalography in pediatric epilepsy surgery.Academic Article Why?
Advantageous information provided by magnetoencephalography for patients with neocortical epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
Characterizing magnetic spike sources by using magnetoencephalography-guided neuronavigation in epilepsy surgery in pediatric patients.Academic Article Why?
Characterizing the normal developmental trajectory of expressive language lateralization using magnetoencephalography.Academic Article Why?
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