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Molecular definition of multiple sites of antibody inhibition of malaria transmission-blocking vaccine antigen Pfs25.Academic Article Why?
Potent antibody lineage against malaria transmission elicited by human vaccination with Pfs25.Academic Article Why?
Rare PfCSP C-terminal antibodies induced by live sporozoite vaccination are ineffective against malaria infection.Academic Article Why?
Structural delineation of potent transmission-blocking epitope I on malaria antigen Pfs48/45.Academic Article Why?
Impact of iron fortification on the geospatial patterns of malaria and non-malaria infection risk among young children: a secondary spatial analysis of clinical trial data from Ghana.Academic Article Why?
PPAR? agonists improve survival and neurocognitive outcomes in experimental cerebral malaria and induce neuroprotective pathways in human malaria.Academic Article Why?
Will helicases contribute to the fight against malaria?Academic Article Why?
Adult and child malaria mortality in India: a nationally representative mortality survey.Academic Article Why?
CD36 and TLR interactions in inflammation and phagocytosis: implications for malaria.Academic Article Why?
Imported pediatric malaria at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada: a 16 year review.Academic Article Why?
In vivo response of falciparum malaria to chloroquine in southern Thailand.Academic Article Why?
Malaria in pregnancy alters l-arginine bioavailability and placental vascular development.Academic Article Why?
Malaria in Pregnancy and Adverse Birth Outcomes: New Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities.Academic Article Why?
Malaria parasites possess a telomere repeat-binding protein that shares ancestry with transcription factor IIIA.Academic Article Why?
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