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Controlling measles using supplemental immunization activities: a mathematical model to inform optimal policy.Academic Article Why?
[Reproducibility of a mathematical model for calculating survival in multiple myeloma].Academic Article Why?
Method for counting motor units in mice and validation using a mathematical model.Academic Article Why?
Optimization of Cranio-Orbital Remodeling: Application of a Mathematical Model.Academic Article Why?
Spatial buffering mechanism: mathematical model and computer simulations.Academic Article Why?
Models, TheoreticalConcept Why?
Non-invasive determination of the systolic peak-to-peak gradient in children with aortic stenosis: validation of a mathematical model.Academic Article Why?
Prescott, StevePerson Why?
Pullenayegum, EleanorPerson Why?
3D curve constrained deformable registration using a neuro-fuzzy transformation model.Academic Article Why?
Calculating utility decrements associated with an adverse event: marginal Tobit and CLAD coefficients should be used with caution.Academic Article Why?
Clinical prediction models for bronchopulmonary dysplasia: a systematic review and external validation study.Academic Article Why?
Comparing modelled predictions of neonatal mortality impacts using LiST with observed results of community-based intervention trials in South Asia.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of spirometric reference values.Academic Article Why?
Development and validation of clinical prediction models to distinguish influenza from other viruses causing acute respiratory infections in children and adults.Academic Article Why?
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