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Analyzing Metabolic Pathways in Microbiomes.Academic Article Why?
Danska, JaynePerson Why?
Lung microbiota across age and disease stage in cystic fibrosis.Academic Article Why?
Fecal microbiota transplantation by enema reduces intestinal injury in experimental necrotizing enterocolitis.Academic Article Why?
Natural environments in the urban context and gut microbiota in infants.Academic Article Why?
Probiotics normalize the gut-brain-microbiota axis in immunodeficient mice.Academic Article Why?
Frogs Respond to Commercial Formulations of the Biopesticide Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis, Especially Their Intestine Microbiota.Academic Article Why?
Impact of CFTR modulation with Ivacaftor on Gut Microbiota and Intestinal Inflammation.Academic Article Why?
Influenza A virus subtype H9N2 infection disrupts the composition of intestinal microbiota of chickens.Academic Article Why?
Intestinal microbiota as a tetrahydrobiopterin exogenous source in hph-1 mice.Academic Article Why?
Lipid Emulsion Formulation of Parenteral Nutrition Affects Intestinal Microbiota and Host Responses in Neonatal Piglets.Academic Article Why?
Microbiota in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders in Infancy: Implications for Management.Academic Article Why?
Microbiota-sensitive epigenetic signature predicts inflammation in Crohn's disease.Academic Article Why?
Mining the infant gut microbiota for therapeutic targets against atopic disease.Academic Article Why?
Mothers of Preterm Infants Have Individualized Breast Milk Microbiota that Changes Temporally Based on Maternal Characteristics.Academic Article Why?
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