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Optogenetic identification of a rapid eye movement sleep modulatory circuit in the hypothalamus.Academic Article Why?
Optogenetic Inhibitor of the Transcription Factor CREB.Academic Article Why?
Optogenetics: 10 years after ChR2 in neurons--views from the community.Academic Article Why?
Structural foundations of optogenetics: Determinants of channelrhodopsin ion selectivity.Academic Article Why?
The past, present and future of light-gated ion channels and optogenetics.Academic Article Why?
Probing spike initiation properties of primary somatosensory neurons using optogeneticsGrant Why?
Optogenetics in preclinical neuroscience and psychiatry research: recent insights and potential applications.Academic Article Why?
OptogeneticsConcept Why?
Prescott, StevePerson Why?
Josselyn, SheenaPerson Why?
A time-dependent role for the transcription factor CREB in neuronal allocation to an engram underlying a fear memory revealed using a novel in vivo optogenetic tool to modulate CREB function.Academic Article Why?
In vivo neurovascular response to focused photoactivation of Channelrhodopsin-2.Academic Article Why?
Novel method to assess axonal excitability using channelrhodopsin-based photoactivation.Academic Article Why?
Frankland, PaulPerson Why?
Memory formation in the absence of experience.Academic Article Why?
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