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Stevens, BonniePerson Why?
Stinson, JenniferPerson Why?
Pediatric Pain Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Development and testing of a multidimensional iPhone pain assessment application for adolescents with cancer.Academic Article Why?
Multidimensional pain assessment in premature neonates: a pilot study.Academic Article Why?
Pain assessment and intensity in hospitalized children in Canada.Academic Article Why?
Pain Assessment and Management After a Knowledge Translation Booster Intervention.Academic Article Why?
Pain assessment and management in infants with cancer.Academic Article Why?
Postoperative pain assessment in the neonatal intensive care unit.Academic Article Why?
The Postoperative Pain Assessment Skills pilot trial.Academic Article Why?
Taddio, AnnaPerson Why?
Availability of researcher-led eHealth tools for pain assessment and management: barriers, facilitators, costs, and design.Academic Article Why?
The Implementation Effectiveness of a Freely Available Pediatric Cancer Pain Assessment App: A Pilot Implementation Study.Academic Article Why?
Cancer pain assessment and management in children: Using social media to bridge the gapGrant Why?
Pain MeasurementConcept Why?
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