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"There's a Pain App for That": Review of Patient-targeted Smartphone Applications for Pain Management.Academic Article Why?
An institutional ethnography of chronic pain management in family medicine (COPE) study protocol.Academic Article Why?
An interprofessional consensus of core competencies for prelicensure education in pain management: curriculum application for nursing.Academic Article Why?
Core competencies for pain management: results of an interprofessional consensus summit.Academic Article Why?
Dedicated multidisciplinary pain management centres for children in Canada: the current status.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-based pain management for infants.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms of sucrose and non-nutritive sucking in procedural pain management in infants.Academic Article Why?
Pain management during childhood vaccination injections in Portugal - a call to action.Academic Article Why?
Pain management of musculoskeletal injuries in children: current state and future directions.Academic Article Why?
Sucrose for procedural pain management in infants.Academic Article Why?
Teaching parents to manage pain during infant immunizations: laying the foundation for better pain management practices.Academic Article Why?
Usability and knowledge testing of educational tools about infant vaccination pain management directed to postnatal nurses.Academic Article Why?
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