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A Library of Analytic Indicators to Evaluate Effective Engagement with Consumer mHealth Apps for Chronic Conditions: Scoping Review.Academic Article Why?
An emerging field of research: challenges in pediatric decision making.Academic Article Why?
Clinical decision making for a tooth with apical periodontitis: the patients' preferred level of participation.Academic Article Why?
Coming to understand the child has autism: A process illustrating parents' evolving readiness for engaging in care.Academic Article Why?
Engaging parents to research childhood interventions aimed at preventing common health problems.Academic Article Why?
Factors influencing participation in a population-based biorepository for childhood heart disease.Academic Article Why?
Helping patients make informed choices: a randomized trial of a decision aid for adjuvant chemotherapy in lymph node-negative breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Heuristic decision-making about research participation in children with cystic fibrosis.Academic Article Why?
How can engagement of adolescents in antenatal care be enhanced? Learning from the perspectives of young mothers in Ghana and Tanzania.Academic Article Why?
Increasing Access to Developmental Services for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Pediatric Developmental Passport Pilot Randomized Trial.Academic Article Why?
Initial development of Supportive care Assessment, Prioritization and Recommendations for Kids (SPARK), a symptom screening and management application.Academic Article Why?
Low rates of influenza immunization in young children under Ontario's universal influenza immunization program.Academic Article Why?
Meaningful Patient Engagement in Research: Lessons From Retinoblastoma.Academic Article Why?
Parent participation in a childhood immunization pain reduction method.Academic Article Why?
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