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Patient recruitment by neurological registries.Academic Article Why?
Patient Selection Process for the Harmony Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Early Feasibility Study.Academic Article Why?
The effect of selection criteria on outcome studies of children with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD).Academic Article Why?
Role of MRI in patient selection for surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy in infancy.Academic Article Why?
Patient SelectionConcept Why?
Sung, LillianPerson Why?
Sharma, DeepikaPerson Why?
A pilot feasibility study of an extension of the acquaintanceship recruitment procedure in recent-onset psychosis.Academic Article Why?
Acute chest syndrome after abdominal surgery in children with sickle cell disease: Is a laparoscopic approach better?Academic Article Why?
Adolescent standardized patients: method of selection and assessment of benefits and risks.Academic Article Why?
Age-related variability in pediatric scalp thickness: Implications for auditory prostheses.Academic Article Why?
An investigation of minimisation criteria.Academic Article Why?
Assessing social determinants of health in a pediatric diabetes clinical research trial: Are recruited subjects representative of the larger clinical population?Academic Article Why?
Can we afford it?: ethical consideration of expensive drug treatment for neonates and infants.Academic Article Why?
Canadian Cardiovascular Society/Canadian Cardiac Transplant Network Position Statement on Heart Transplantation: Patient Eligibility, Selection, and Post-Transplantation Care.Academic Article Why?
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