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Reflections on the cost of "low-cost" whole genome sequencing: framing the health policy debate.Academic Article Why?
Bhutta, ZulfiqarPerson Why?
Health PolicyConcept Why?
Economics of preventing premature mortality and impaired cognitive development in children through home-fortification: a health policy perspective.Academic Article Why?
What's Involved with Wanting to Be Involved? Comparing Expectations for Public Engagement in Health Policy across Research and Care Contexts.Academic Article Why?
Hayeems, RobinPerson Why?
Denburg, AvramPerson Why?
Pechlivanoglou, PetrosPerson Why?
The role of evidence in public health policy: an example of linkage and exchange in the prevention of scald burns.Academic Article Why?
A Sensitive Period: Bioethics, Human Rights, and Child Development.Academic Article Why?
Achieving optimal cancer outcomes in East Africa through multidisciplinary partnership: a case study of the Kenyan National Retinoblastoma Strategy group.Academic Article Why?
Advancing social and economic development by investing in women's and children's health: a new Global Investment Framework.Academic Article Why?
An integrated scientific framework for child survival and early childhood development.Academic Article Why?
Child well-being in Canada: how can we improve on "average"?Academic Article Why?
Controlling measles using supplemental immunization activities: a mathematical model to inform optimal policy.Academic Article Why?
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