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Closing the personalized medicine information gap: HER2 test documentation practice.Academic Article Why?
HbA1c for type 2 diabetes diagnosis in Africans and African Americans: Personalized medicine NOW!Academic Article Why?
Individualized medicine enabled by genomics in Saudi Arabia.Academic Article Why?
Opportunities for the Cardiovascular Community in the Precision Medicine Initiative.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric oncology enters an era of precision medicine.Academic Article Why?
Personalized medicine in pediatric cardiology: do little changes make a big difference?Academic Article Why?
Personalized medicine in the care of the child with congenital heart disease: discovery to application.Academic Article Why?
Personalized Medicine in the Genomics Era: highlights from an international symposium on childhood heart disease.Academic Article Why?
Perspective on precision medicine in paediatric heart failure.Academic Article Why?
Precision Medicine With Point-of-Care Ultrasound: The Future of Personalized Pediatric Emergency Care.Academic Article Why?
Precision medicine: Look to the mice.Academic Article Why?
Tandem Transplant for High-Risk Neuroblastoma: Next Steps in the Era of Precision Medicine.Academic Article Why?
The Future of Precision Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacokinetic Pharmacogenetic Prescribing Guidelines for Antidepressants: A Template for Psychiatric Precision Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-based and precision medicine: the quest for pragmatic balance in autism.Academic Article Why?
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