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Regulation of ion transport by protein-protein interaction domains.Academic Article Why?
Protein Interaction Domains and MotifsConcept Why?
Interaction databases on the same page.Academic Article Why?
Literature curation of protein interactions: measuring agreement across major public databases.Academic Article Why?
McGlade, Catherine JanePerson Why?
Forman-Kay, JuliePerson Why?
Turinsky, AndreiPerson Why?
Polyelectrostatic interactions of disordered ligands suggest a physical basis for ultrasensitivity.Academic Article Why?
Howell, P. LynnePerson Why?
Deber, CharlesPerson Why?
Antibody potency relates to the ability to recognize the closed, pre-fusion form of HIV Env.Academic Article Why?
Computational design of high-affinity epitope scaffolds by backbone grafting of a linear epitope.Academic Article Why?
Decoding the roles of pilotins and accessory proteins in secretin escort services.Academic Article Why?
Dynamic Protein Interaction Networks and New Structural Paradigms in Signaling.Academic Article Why?
Exopolysaccharide biosynthetic glycoside hydrolases can be utilized to disrupt and prevent Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms.Academic Article Why?
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