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Microsomal proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Cell-surface proteomics identifies lineage-specific markers of embryo-derived stem cells.Academic Article Why?
Proteomics of metal transport and metal-associated diseases.Academic Article Why?
The clinical application of proteomics.Academic Article Why?
The value of proteomics for the diagnosis of a platelet-related bleeding disorder.Academic Article Why?
ProteomicsConcept Why?
Improved electrospray ionization efficiency compensates for diminished chromatographic resolution and enables proteomics analysis of tyrosine signaling in embryonic stem cells.Academic Article Why?
Proteomic analysis of Medulloblastoma reveals functional biology with translational potential.Academic Article Why?
Neuroproteome changes after ischemia/reperfusion injury and tissue plasminogen activator administration in rats: a quantitative iTRAQ proteomics study.Academic Article Why?
McGlade, CatherinePerson Why?
Wybenga-Groot, LeannePerson Why?
High-content functional screen to identify proteins that correct F508del-CFTR function.Academic Article Why?
Integrated analysis of proteome, phosphotyrosine-proteome, tyrosine-kinome, and tyrosine-phosphatome in acute myeloid leukemia.Academic Article Why?
Novel Host Proteins and Signaling Pathways in Enteropathogenic E. coli Pathogenesis Identified by Global Phosphoproteome Analysis.Academic Article Why?
PRISM, a generic large scale proteomic investigation strategy for mammals.Academic Article Why?
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