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Science, MichellePerson Why?
Science and art: in harmony.Academic Article Why?
Policy sciences: developments and implications.Academic Article Why?
An Overview of R in Health Decision Sciences.Academic Article Why?
Feasibility of physician peer assessment in an academic health sciences centre.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of admission medication reconciliation at two academic health sciences centres: challenges and success factors.Academic Article Why?
Microsimulation Modeling for Health Decision Sciences Using R: A Tutorial.Academic Article Why?
Procedia Social and Behavioral SciencesAcademic Article Why?
Management Support Center for Clinical and Translational Science Award CTSAGrant Why?
2017 Recipient, Excellence in Undergraduate Laboratory Teaching in Life Sciences AwardAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Animal Nutrition SciencesConcept Why?
Behavioral SciencesConcept Why?
Biobehavioral SciencesConcept Why?
Canada Research Chair, Tier I in Genome Data SciencesAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Child Health Evaluative SciencesDepartment Why?
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