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Changes in thyroid hormones, thyroid stimulating hormone and cortisol in acute spinal cord injury.Academic Article Why?
Energy expenditure in chronic spinal cord injury.Academic Article Why?
Nerve Transfers to Restore Upper Extremity Function in Cervical Spinal Cord Injury: Update and Preliminary Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Spinal Cord InjuriesConcept Why?
A clinical prediction model for long-term functional outcome after traumatic spinal cord injury based on acute clinical and imaging factors.Academic Article Why?
An investigation into the potential for activity-dependent regeneration of the rubrospinal tract after spinal cord injury.Academic Article Why?
Defining age-related differences in outcome after traumatic spinal cord injury: analysis of a combined, multicenter dataset.Academic Article Why?
Skin-derived precursors generate myelinating Schwann cells that promote remyelination and functional recovery after contusion spinal cord injury.Academic Article Why?
Effects of intravesical onabotulinumtoxinA on bladder dysfunction and autonomic dysreflexia after spinal cord injury: role of nerve growth factor.Academic Article Why?
All-terrain vehicle-related injury.Academic Article Why?
Anterior penetrating sacral injury in a child. Case illustration.Academic Article Why?
Delayed presentation of spinal stab wound: case report and review of the literature.Academic Article Why?
Effect of low-dose ketamine on voltage requirement for transcranial electrical motor evoked potentials in children.Academic Article Why?
Monitoring Cough Effectiveness and Use of Airway Clearance Strategies: A Canadian and UK Survey.Academic Article Why?
Pearson, BretPerson Why?
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