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Public data archives for genomic structural variation.Academic Article Why?
Contemplating effects of genomic structural variation.Academic Article Why?
Genomic Structural VariationConcept Why?
PRISM: pair-read informed split-read mapping for base-pair level detection of insertion, deletion and structural variants.Academic Article Why?
Subgroup-specific structural variation across 1,000 medulloblastoma genomes.Academic Article Why?
The Database of Genomic Variants: a curated collection of structural variation in the human genome.Academic Article Why?
Yuen, Ka ChunPerson Why?
Scherer, StephenPerson Why?
Taylor, MichaelPerson Why?
Brudno, MichaelPerson Why?
Effect of linkage disequilibrium on the identification of functional variants.Academic Article Why?
Bouffet, EricPerson Why?
Dirks, PeterPerson Why?
Hawkins, CynthiaPerson Why?
Malkin, DavidPerson Why?
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