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Predicting medical student success in a clinical clerkship by rating students' nonverbal behavior.Academic Article Why?
Student leadership in interprofessional education: benefits, challenges and implications for educators, researchers and policymakers.Academic Article Why?
Success of University Student Volunteers in Obtaining Consent for Reviewing Private Health Information for Emergency Research.Academic Article Why?
The effectiveness of a student volunteer program for research in a pediatric Emergency Department.Academic Article Why?
Boutis, KathyPerson Why?
A hinting strategy for online learning of radiograph interpretation by medical students.Academic Article Why?
A participatory approach to interprofessional education research: students researching with their peers.Academic Article Why?
A pilot study of working memory and academic achievement in college students with ADHD.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes towards fibromyalgia: a survey of Canadian chiropractic, naturopathic, physical therapy and occupational therapy students.Academic Article Why?
Developing a bioethics curriculum for medical students from divergent geo-political regions.Academic Article Why?
Effect of context on the rating of students by faculty and housestaff in a clinical clerkship.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of a social pediatrics elective: transforming students' perspective through reflection.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of an otoscopy simulator to teach otoscopy and normative anatomy to first year medical students.Academic Article Why?
Medical students' attitudes towards treating patients with HIV: a 12-year follow-up study.Academic Article Why?
Medical students' knowledge of and exposure to cleft palate.Academic Article Why?
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