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Koyle, MartinPerson Why?
Lorenzo, ArmandoPerson Why?
Issues in febrile urinary tract infection management.Academic Article Why?
A novel rabbit model for the evaluation of biomaterial associated urinary tract infection.Academic Article Why?
Antibiotic prophylaxis for urinary tract infections in antenatal hydronephrosis.Academic Article Why?
Bacterial susceptibility to oral antibiotics in community acquired urinary tract infection.Academic Article Why?
Challenges in childhood urinary tract infection/vesicoureteral reflux investigation and management: calming the storm.Academic Article Why?
Commentary to 'Urinary tract infection in children: Diagnosis, treatment, imaging - Comparison of current guidelines'.Academic Article Why?
Concomitant aseptic meningitis and bacterial urinary tract infection in young febrile infants.Academic Article Why?
Concomitant Bacterial Meningitis in Infants With Urinary Tract Infection.Academic Article Why?
Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections in Children.Academic Article Why?
Febrile urinary tract infection, vesicoureteral reflux, and renal scarring: current controversies in approach to evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Increased prevalence of urinary tract infections and anomalies in infants with pyloric stenosis.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric urinary tract infections: the role of fluoroquinolones.Academic Article Why?
Post-pyloromyotomy emesis caused by concomitant urinary tract infection in pyloric stenosis patients.Academic Article Why?
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