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Koyle, MartinPerson Why?
Lorenzo, ArmandoPerson Why?
The Impact of the Choosing Wisely Campaign in Urology.Academic Article Why?
E-learning teaches attendings "how to" objectively assess pediatric urology trainees' surgery skills for orchiopexy.Academic Article Why?
E-learning: Training Attendings to objectively assess Pediatric Urology Residents' performance of open surgery.Academic Article Why?
Methodological concerns and quality appraisal of contemporary systematic reviews and meta-analyses in pediatric urology.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric urology training: performance-based assessment using the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery.Academic Article Why?
Predatory Publishing in Pediatric Urology.Academic Article Why?
Preface: What pediatricians need to know about urology.Academic Article Why?
Prospective evaluation of remote, interactive videoconferencing to enhance urology resident education: the genitourinary teleteaching initiative.Academic Article Why?
Response to Kim, et al. Journal of Pediatric Urology 2012; 8: 291-5 and editorial comment by Skoog, Journal of Pediatric Urology 2012;8:296.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of duplicate presentations accepted at two top international pediatric urology meetings.Academic Article Why?
Placebo-controlled trials in pediatric urology: a cautionary view from an ethical perspective.Academic Article Why?
Bagli, DariusPerson Why?
A Society for Pediatric Urology Workforce Survey on the Current Perceptions of Oncology Care by Pediatric Urologists: A Report from the Pediatric Urologic Oncology Working Group of the Society for Pediatric Urology.Academic Article Why?
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