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Characterization of Glycoproteins with the Immunoglobulin Fold by X-Ray Crystallography and Biophysical Techniques.Academic Article Why?
Julien, Jean-PhilippePerson Why?
Crystallography, X-RayConcept Why?
Wybenga-Groot, LeannePerson Why?
Rubinstein, JohnPerson Why?
Structural Basis of Enhanced Crystallizability Induced by a Molecular Chaperone for Antibody Antigen-Binding Fragments.Academic Article Why?
McGlade, CatherinePerson Why?
A pH-Dependent Conformational Switch Controls N. meningitidis ClpP Protease Function.Academic Article Why?
An autoinhibited structure of a-catenin and its implications for vinculin recruitment to adherens junctions.Academic Article Why?
Atomic model for the dimeric FO region of mitochondrial ATP synthase.Academic Article Why?
Band 3 function and dysfunction in a structural context.Academic Article Why?
Binding screen for cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator correctors finds new chemical matter and yields insights into cystic fibrosis therapeutic strategy.Academic Article Why?
Cadmium cyclam complexes: interconversion of cis and trans configurations and fixation of CO(2).Academic Article Why?
Cryo-EM studies of the structure and dynamics of vacuolar-type ATPases.Academic Article Why?
Crystal structure of Clostridium difficile toxin A.Academic Article Why?
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